Condições gerais

1. Bookings – Can be made, by phone or in person, being however necessary formalized by email or fax, duly identified with the elements of the applicant for proper completion of the rental agreement contract. Bookings are subject to confirmation.

2. Minimum rental – 24 hours counting from the date and time of the car’s delivery with a tolerance of 60 minutes. Exceeded the grace period, the GESFLEET reserves the right to charge an extra day.

3. Deliveries and drop-offs – Will be made in GESFLEET’s Offices, Hotels and Client Companies, without additional costs during the normal working hours and according to operational availability. Out of this, each delivery or collection will have an additional charge of Eur 20 up to the limit of 00 hours. At airports, a fee of 30 eur will be charged for each agreed delivery or collection.

4. Drivers – Under current legislation, only the drivers mentioned in the rental contract can drive the rented car declining GESFLEET any and all responsibility, resulting from its driving by any person not enabled in the terms of the present contract. Is compulsory to have the valid and original documents at the pick up of the car (citizen card or passport and driving license). 

5. Age of drivers – Minimum 21 years old with one year’s driver’s license for groups A , B , C , M , M1 , M2 . Remaining groups, 23 years old and 2 year’s driver’s license.

6. Prohibited use – To clients that drive under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, other drugs or toxic products, medications with contraindications or diagnosed insanity, sportive and non sportive competitions, races, challenges, contests or bets.

7. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) – Included in the amounts charged , covers liability in case of accident , crash or rollover , being the Client always responsible for the payment of an excess amount, as long as it is the Client’s responsibility. The filling out of an Accident Report is mandatory, no matter the type of event.

8. Theft Waiver (TW) – Included in the amounts charged, covers liability in case of theft, except any personal objects, with the client responsible for paying the deductible. The client is obliged to make the participation to the competent authorities, being essential the delivery of the original car key to GESFLEET. In breach of these assumptions, the customer will be responsible for any and all incidents and damage to the vehicle.

9. Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) – Included to the driver in the amounts charged. The PAI is available to the remaining passengers at value of 5.00 eur day up to 50,00 eur per month, an PAI is hired with a cover for death and disability in the amount of 25 000,00 or treatment expenses up to 2 500,00 eur .

10. Isolated glass breaking insurance – an isolated glass breaking insurance can be activated for 8,00 /day or 40,00 /month.

11. Deductible reduction insurance – For a daily variable amount depending on the group of car may enter into an insurance to reduce the deductible by 50%.

Group Value Group Value
A, B, H, M1, M1L, I1 9,00 EUR D, D1, F2, I, JL, LL, M, M4, M5, M6, M7, M8, M9, M10, M11, ML 20,00 EUR
C, C1, C2, M2, M2L, I2, F1, H1, H2 15,00 EUR E, V, N, F3 25,00 EUR
F, G, J, L, M3 19,00 EUR O 50,00 EUR

12. Deductibles– In case of accident, the renter is responsible for paying a deductible per occurrence, up to a maximum amount specified in each group.

Group Value Group Value
A, B, H, M1, M1L, I1 900,00 EUR D, D1, F2, I, JL, LL, M, M4, M5, M6, M7, M8, M9, M10, M11, ML 2000,00 EUR
C, C1, C2, M2, M2L, I2, F1, H1, H2 1500,00 EUR E, V, N, F3 2500,00 EUR
F, G, J, L, M3 1900,00 EUR O 5000,00 EUR

13. Other damage – Damages, not resulting from accidents, caused by negligence or recklessness, made by the driver or third parties are not covered by the insurance , with the client responsible for payment thereof in accordance with the budget repair carried out by the representative of the recognized by GESFLEET automotive brand or workshop. Wheels and damaged or missing, tires are not under the insurance cover, being the sole responsibility of the client the cost of repair or replacement.

14. Accidents – The customer must contact GESFLEET immediately, calling the authorities to register the accident, and shall ll the car accident friendly statement which is by the vehicle documents, for later delivery to the insurance company that represents GESFLEET.

15. Breakdowns – Client shall stop the vehicle and immediately contact GESFLEET, informing them of the possible damage and the measures necessary for the successful resolution of the problem.

16. Maintenance – The client undertakes to periodically check the levels of engine oil and water cooling system (every 5.000km maximum) making your levelling if needed and subsequently present their costs to GESFLEET. In case there is a malfunction resulting from lack of water or oil in the engine, the client automatically becomes responsible for the full payment of compensation, according to the budget made by a recognized GESFLEET workshop. The client should also periodically check the air pressure in their tires and wheel alignment, when there is abnormal wear those resulting from negligent driving, GESFLEET may recover the same. Where there is scope for any mechanical intervention not mentioned, the client must give advance notice of the need to obtain the same authorization and place to perform the repair.

17. Cleaning – The client shall deliver the vehicle under the same cleaning conditions as those of the moment of the collection. In case of non observance, a cleaning fee between Eur 25,00 and a maximum of Eur 125,00 can be charged.

18. Refrigerators vehicles and containers – The Client is responsible for all the damages caused, in the merchandise box, including the refrigerating motor, in according to the budget made for the case.

19. Advertising on vehicles – The client must request authorization to use, assuming entire responsibility for placement and removal of the same, as well as any damage resulting from any infringement or the legal rules governing the advertising.

20. Fines – The client is responsible for any and all fines or against offenses that occurred during the term of the rental agreement.

21. The GESFLEET is expressly authorized to provide law enforcement agencies the identification data of the client, for the purpose of identification of the driver, following the notification process for any infraction.

22. Fuel – The Client must drop-off the vehicle with the same petrol level as it had upon delivery In case of difference, the Client will be responsible for the payment of the missing petrol, plus Eur 20,00 for the refueling service. In case of fuel exchange in the rented vehicle the client is responsible for all costs of cleaning and repairing damaged elements.

23. Documentation and Key´s – In case of loss, the client is responsible for full payment of the cost of their replacement

24. GPS – May be provided upon request by the client, being charged a Eur 6,00 fee/day upon delivery until a maximum of Eur 40,00 per month.

25. E-toll device – May be provided upon request by the client, being charged a Eur 1,85 fee/day, or Eur 18,50 fee/month. According to the ordinance 190/2013, Movyng Rent a Car is authorized to debit all toll passages on the credit card, after they are made available on the Via Verde site.

26. Baby Seat– May be provided upon request by the client, being charged a fee of Eur 5,00 /day upon delivery until a maximum of Eur 30,00 per month.

27. Territoriality Rental – The rental do not consider travel abroad, however may be considered after the GESFLEET authorization and payment of an additional fee of Eur 150,00

28. Authorized mileage – 300km per day or 5.000km per month (extra km 0,20 Eur)

29. Weekend Rentals – 48-hours period beginning at 6pm on Friday and return up to 7pm on Sunday. 30. Payment Terms – At the beginning of the rental by cash, credit or debit card recognized by GESFLEET.

30. Payment conditions – At the beginning of the rental, by cash, credit or debit card recognized by GESFLEET.

31. Driver Service – By request.

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